Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

World's Best Range of Packing less, Bi-Directional Elastomer Based Knife Gate Valves Absolute Zero Leakage Valve!

Advantages of these valves :

Zero Downstream Leakage:The OTISAS Valve sleeves provide more sealing power than any other sleeve design. When fully closed, these heavy-duty sleeves provide a bubble-tight seal against the gate, resulting in 100% isolation for absolutely zero downstream leakage. Eliminates back deposits / flow.

Maintenance Free:Compared over three years, OTISAS Valves with no wearing parts except Elastomers require fraction of the maintenance cost compared to conventional costs.

Meets Specific Flow Media/System Needs:OTISAS Valve sleeves permit the use of a wide range of elastomer materials to meet abrasion, corrosion, temperature, and pressure requirements. A variety of tough elastomers are available to provide long term service life under a broad range of slurry conditions.

No Metal-to-Slurry Contact:Exposed metal parts in other knife-gate valves can be damaged by the flow media when the gate is open, ultimately preventing the valve from closing completely. To avoid this problem, the OTISAS valve sleeves completely isolate the valve housing and external metal parts from the flow media.

Takes Flow from Either Direction:OTISAS Valves are truly bi-directional. With their double-seated design, they are capable of sealing against flow media line pressure in either direction. Because most conventional knife-gate valves are single seated, they can withstand pressure in one direction only without internal damage. Sealing is by pre-compression of Elastomers, therefore, valve sealing performance is independent of hydraulic pressure inside the pipeline.

Technical Information
Body Type: Bi-Directional
Port: Full Round Port
Size Range: 2” to 24” (50NB to 600 NB) Higher on order.
End Connection: wafer style with BSP threaded hole in chest Area and through holes.
Pressure Rating: 150 psi and 300 psi
Temperature Rating: < 200oC
Drilling: As per ANSI B 16.5, other on as per Requirement.
Material options
Body : C.S, C.I, S.S-316, S.S-304, other on order.
Gate Plate: SS-316, SS-304, Hast Alloy, other on order.
Material of elastomer & Seal
  • Neoprene
  • Viton or Silicone
  • EPDM
  • Food Quality for hygienic application
  • Natural Rubber
  • Gum Rubber

Manual Hand Wheel / Bevel Gear / Pneumatic Cylinder (Double / Single Acting) / Hydraulic Cylinder / Electric Actuator Operated